Intellectual Property, including Brand Management and Protection and Licensing

TWM Solicitors works with clients to protect their Intellectual Property inc. brand names, logos, slogans, websites, designs, photographs and much more.
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David Powell
Partner and Head of Business Law

The protection and guardianship of Intellectual Property (IP), in particular branding, is something the Business Law team at TWM knows all about. A company’s brand can become one of its most valuable assets and the time, money and energy that must be invested in achieving this must not be underestimated. IP rights mean nothing if they are not appropriately and vigorously defended. We take swift and decisive action on behalf of our clients by ensuring that their IP rights are not abused.

Our IP team can make light work of the complex and time-consuming administration of a brand.  Our specialist lawyers manage our clients’ brands throughout the process, including:

  • Creating the brand and ensuring that the proposed brand does not infringe current IP rights
  • Registering the brand in the correct class at the UK Intellectual Property Office and, where necessary, other jurisdictions
  • Managing the brand’s use through review, update and renewal
  • Protecting the brand owner’s rights
  • Licensing the brand to licensees.

If you need assistance with brand protection and management or other IP issues, please contact David Powell, Partner and Head of Business Law.

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