TWM Lead Education Sponsor of BookFest

Claire Campbell, Partner at TWM Solicitors talks about her connection with Wimbledon BookFest.

Claire, tell us about the importance of BookFest for TWM Solicitors?

BookFest is an opportunity for TWM to strengthen links with the Wimbledon community by our involvement in one of the premier events in the Wimbledon calendar. Working with the communities in which the seven TWM offices are located is a key part of the ethos of TWM. Our links with BookFest are now an integral part of our ties with the community since proudly becoming Lead Education Sponsor in 2017. The design of our TWM BookFest window display in the heart of Wimbledon is now itself a highlight of the event, and is eagerly awaited in the weeks leading up to its unveiling ahead of BookFest.

TWM is an education sponsor of BookFest – how does that fit in with TWM?

Education and career development is something that TWM is really passionate about promoting and encouraging for all personnel. We are keen to support and develop career progression, enhancing opportunities for all in both their personal life and at work. From providing young aspiring solicitors with their training contracts, to more recently, employing office assistant apprentices. This combined with our corporate responsibility programme is fundamental to our approach to being a socially responsible and sustainable business, which includes making a positive impact in our local areas. The support we offer to BookFest is approached within that context, however, key to our involvement is the immense enjoyment and benefit for all of those attending BookFest events.

There are events and a great schedule of fun things to do – how can people get involved?

The exciting thing about BookFest is that it’s not just for adults – its aim is to share the love of reading and writing for all ages. I attend every year, taking long-standing clients and contacts to listen to some fantastic authors, musicians, comedians and sports stars. Every year, the feedback from our guests is overwhelmingly positive. Not only this, but I am an active supporter of the children’s programme, attending a number of the events with my family every year.

What effect has BookFest had on your family and how does it benefit the local community?

BookFest is now an annual event in the Campbell household. 2019 will be the third year my six year old son has attended BookFest and the excitement is already building, in light of the chance to see Tweedy the Clown for a second time this year when he attends with the inspirational Nell Gifford – Gifford’s circus visit to Chiswick House each July which is another annual event in the Campbell household. The ability of the children’s authors attending each year to capture the attention of each child in attendance never fails to amaze me. My son still talks about Michael Rosen’s event in 2018. This year will also see my son attending for the first time with his school in Wimbledon, along with many other school children from Wimbledon and the surrounding area. It is this ability to impact upon every section of the community that makes BookFest such a special event. If you are in two minds whether to attend with your children, my advice would be to give it a go and I strongly suspect you will find it becomes an annual event for your family as well.

What can TWM help with?

TWM is pleased to be able to be of service to clients not only during the joyous occasions of life, but also during the more challenging periods. We are able to assist following the death of a loved one, the breakdown of a relationship, the sale of a business, a dispute, whether personal or through your business, or issues with your employees or employer. When experiencing the more difficult challenges life throws at us, it is imperative to have a firm of supportive, experienced and easily accessible solicitors advising and assisting you. We operate firmly on the ‘do as you would be done by’ principle, and work hard to ensure that our professional services and client care standards are of the very highest quality and value for money.

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Picture of Claire Campbell, Partner in Commercial Property

Claire Campbell, Partner in Commercial Property

Claire Campbell, Partner at TWM Solicitors talks about her connection with Wimbledon BookFest.

TWM Lead Education Sponsor of BookFest

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