Obtaining a Grant of Representation

We can help you begin to navigate the process of administering the estate of someone who has died, by obtaining the Grant of Representation on your behalf. This will enable the personal representatives to administer the assets of the deceased and distribute those to the beneficiaries, either under the Will or, if there was no […]

LGBTQ+ Divorce and Civil Partnership Dissolution

Are the processes for ending a civil partnership or a marriage for a same-sex couple any different than those for a couple of the opposite sex? If the relationship breaks down, a civil partnership can be dissolved or a marriage can be ended through divorce. These processes are very similar to each other, although some […]

FAQs on Collaborative Divorce / Separation

The following are some of our most frequently asked questions when it comes to collaborative practice. What is Collaborative Law? Collaborative Law is a process by which agreement on property and financial matters, or arrangements for children (or both) can be reached following separation. Family collaborative solicitors work with both parties to find solutions that […]

Cyber Security and Your Online Life When Separating

If you are going through a separation, it is particularly important to be extra vigilant about the way you live your life online. It is widely reported that fraudsters have successfully accessed a great deal of personal and financial information through social engineering and data breaches, but have you considered that a former partner could […]

FAQs on Divorce and Separation

Do my spouse and I need a solicitor to obtain a divorce and financial settlement? No, you are not required to have a solicitor, but you should at least obtain initial advice from a solicitor concerning your entitlement and the procedure applicable to your circumstances. It is recommended that you instruct a specialist family solicitor […]

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