Your Children’s Future

We all want the best for our families; health, happiness and financial security. But what steps should you be taking now to protect their future? Protecting your family Could your family manage, financially, if one of you were to die or become ill? The answer in most cases is “no”, so there is a need […]

Elder Care Fees / Elderly Clients

At TWM Solicitors, we offer professional and compassionate lawyers, who have undergone Dementia Friends training, and who can advise in the following areas: We also provide specialist advice on: Where a person lacks the mental capacity to make a Lasting Power of Attorney, the Court can grant a Deputyship order. This authorises someone else to […]


As a firm, TWM Solicitors have been dealing with the creation, administration and winding-up of trusts for over 100 years. Our trust fund and trust management solicitors have extensive knowledge of the different trust structures which are available and we have practical experience of what makes them work best in practice. In the creation of trusts […]

Inheritance Tax Planning

At TWM Solicitors, we have decades of experience in Inheritance Tax planning services. Our team of private client solicitors are on hand to support you and your family with taxation and inheritance planning.  What is Inheritance Tax? Inheritance Tax is tax charged on the value of your estate on your death. The first £325,000 of […]

Wealth Protection

We have advised families over many decades as to how to manage their assets to maximise their potential. We are happy to undertake a pivotal role in working with Accountants, Investment professionals and Financial Advisers to tailor-make personalised solutions for clients through carefully structured lifetime trusts and wills. We can fine-tune and preserve control where […]

Declarations of Trust

This is a very complex area of law. At TWM Solicitors, we advise couples who are not married or are not in a civil partnership when they are buying a home together, as to how to protect their investment and avoid a dispute in the future. We can draft Declarations of Trust and Cohabitation Agreements. We […]

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