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TWM Solicitors will provide you with an estimate at the outset of your dispute and explain how best your potential liability in respect of the other party’s costs can be minimised.

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David Hitchcock
Partner and Head of Dispute Resolution


For most clients who become involved in legal disputes one of their principal concerns is costs.

The cost of legal proceedings can be very high and we believe that it is important therefore to try and achieve a solution or settlement which will minimise the client’s exposure to costs, whilst achieving an acceptable outcome for the client.

When seeking to resolve a dispute through the legal process the client has to be aware of not only their liability for the costs of their solicitor, but their potential liability for the costs of the other party in the event that they are unsuccessful.

The subject of costs is a difficult one, but one which we seek to address with the client at the outset.

We will provide you with a cost estimate at the outset and this estimate will be updated as the case proceeds. We will also explain your potential liability in respect of the other party’s costs and how best this potential liability can be minimised.

Funding Options

Many clients will feel reluctant to take legal proceedings because their financial resources are such that they simply cannot afford to do so.

TWM Solicitors do not undertake publicly funded work – Legal Aid. The availability of Legal Aid is in any event extremely limited.

In order to support our clients in pursuing deserving cases, we have a number of funding options which may assist, including:

  • Pay-as-you-go;
  • Conditional Fee Agreements (commonly known to as “no win no fee”); and
  • Deferred fee arrangements

The solicitor/paralegal who deals with your case will be able to discuss these options with you in more detail.

For further information about our dispute resolution work, please contact David Hitchcock, Partner and Head of Dispute Resolution.

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