Debt Recovery and Debt Collection Claims

Our Debt Recovery team has many decades of collective experience in delivering high quality work in debt recovery and dispute resolution.

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Samantha Marsden
Debt Recovery Manager

Debt Recovery and Debt Collection Claims

Recovering unpaid debts swiftly and effectively can prove vital for businesses seeking to improve their cash flow and avoid the potential reputational consequences of being unable to settle their own debts.

As part of our Dispute Resolution department, our specialist Debt Recovery team offers a cost-effective solution to recover your debts, taking you through the process from the Letter Before Claim (Pre-Action stage), through to Court Proceedings (County Court Claim) and Judgment (CCJ). You can find full details of our Fixed Fee Schedule here.

Should payment remain outstanding, we can help with a range of enforcement options, including High Court Enforcement Officers, Bailiffs, or Insolvency (Bankruptcy or Winding Up proceedings) and our team will advise you on the best course of action. We have extensive experience in working with small and medium size businesses, however we also extend our services to private clients who are owed money for a variety of reasons.

Debts include:

  • Unpaid invoices for goods and/or services
  • Unpaid Rent for residential or commercial tenants
  • Refund of tenancy deposits
  • Unpaid service charges and ground rent
  • Care Home fees
  • Unpaid school fees
  • Unpaid loans to family and/or friends
  • Consumer Rights Act claims
  • Deposit refunds
  • Monies due under contract

Can’t Pay or Won’t Pay

It is essential to separate those Debtors who are unable to pay the debt (can’t pay) to those who are simply avoiding payment or are disputing the debt (won’t pay).

If your Debtor is struggling to settle the debt due to lack of funds or cash-flow problems at any stage of the proceedings, whether pre-action or during the Court process, we will liaise with you and the Debtor to negotiate weekly or monthly instalments suitable to both parties. Payments are then monitored closely to ensure the agreement or plan is adhered to and we will take appropriate and immediate action should a default occur.

A dispute of the debt may not become apparent or be raised by the Debtor until receipt of the Letter Before Claim or issue and service of the Court Claim. In these cases we will endeavour to mediate an acceptable solution and settlement.

Disputed Debts

If a dispute is raised by the Debtor following receipt of the Letter Before Claim, TWM’s Debt Recovery and Dispute Resolution team will guide you through the process of Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) to find a solution to the dispute and negotiate full and final settlement. If settlement cannot be achieved and Court proceedings have become necessary, it is likely your Claim will be defended.

Our Debt Recovery and Dispute Resolution team will supply you with full details of the Court procedures, from Directions Questionnaires, Witness Statements, through to the Trial or Hearing and advise you of the merits and potential pitfalls of your case to enable you to make an informed decision on how and if you proceed.  Whilst our hourly rates will apply at this stage, full fee estimates will be provided.

Debtor Tracing

It is possible the reason for the unpaid debt is simply that your Debtor has moved address. In these circumstances we are able to instruct Enquiry Agents to locate the Debtor. For additional fees, the Enquiry Agents may be able to provide further information on employment and assets (pre-sue report).

For more information, or if you wish to instruct us on a Debt Recovery matter, please contact Samantha Marsden, Debt Recovery Manager.

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