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The assessment of damages in negligence cases is of itself a complex task. See how our experienced professional negligence solicitors can assist you.

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David Hitchcock
Partner and Head of Dispute Resolution

Businesses and individuals engage in a wide range of professionals to act for them. These include, amongst others, accountants, solicitors, financial advisors, stockbrokers.

Even the most competent of professionals will, from time to time, make a mistake. While in many cases the mistake can be rectified before any loss is caused to the client, nevertheless there are cases where this is not so.

The mere fact that a professional has made a mistake does not necessarily mean that they were negligent.

In such claims it is necessary to assess and analyse the scope of any contract between the client and the professional, and to determine whether, and to what extent, the professional failed to meet the standards that could reasonably be expected of him/her. It is also necessary to establish a causal link between the negligent act and the damage caused.

The assessment of damages in such cases is of itself a complex task.

In order to pursue a claim in professional negligence you will need the services of a solicitor who has specific knowledge and experience of such cases. Professionals are almost always insured, and if a claim is made then inevitably a competent firm of professional defence lawyers will be engaged by the professional’s insurers.

At TWM Solicitors we have dealt with such claims over many years and can therefore bring the appropriate expertise to bear in support of any claim that you might have.

We also have access to selected specialist Barristers who are experts in this field, and other expert witnesses whose expertise will invariably need to be drawn upon in order to present a sustainable case.

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Such cases can be prohibitively expensive to take all the way to trial, and in many cases therefore we would promote and encourage professional Mediation as a sensible alternative to taking the matter to a trial.

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Professional Negligence Claims

All professional negligence claims must be preceded by complying with the specific Pre-Action Protocol laid down by the court.

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