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We have a Notary Public, Fiona Wright in Epsom, who provides assistance on a range of notary services.

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Fiona Wright
Senior Associate in Private Client

At TWM, we have a Notary Public – Fiona Wright in Epsom.

A Notary Public (or just a Notary), is a qualified lawyer in the similar but separate way that solicitors and barristers are. Notaries are primarily concerned with the authentication and certification of signatures, authority and capacity relating to documents for use abroad.

Common scenarios are:

For individuals:

  • Powers of attorney for use worldwide
  • Affidavits and statutory declarations
  • Authenticating and certifying documents as true copies
  • Buying and selling property abroad
  • Consent for a child to travel
  • Single status and freedom to marry affidavits
  • Foreign adoption applications
  • Change of name deeds or statutory declarations
  • Lost passports.

For companies:

  • Certifying and authenticating companies house documents
  • Witnessing the execution of powers of attorney by companies
  • Certifying and authenticating documents to assist with the opening of branches or bank accounts abroad
  • Certifying the identity of company director or other company officer
  • Witnessing the execution of company documents
  • Certifying board resolutions and minutes.

Depending on the country where the document is to be used, documents may need to be ‘legalised’ by the Foreign & Commonwealth Office, and sometimes by the consulate of the country concerned, in order to be accepted. Our Notary at TWM can deal with all of these requirements. The act of Notaries are accepted throughout the world.

If you require the services of a Notary, you will need to prove your own identity (passport) before notarising can begin. The Notary will also have to satisfy him/herself that the client understands the nature of the document and that the documents are valid.

Please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements. We can also provide an out of office (home) service for people unable to attend a TWM office by prior appointment.

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