Conducting Investigations and Disciplinary Hearings

Providing an understanding of the key principles which apply to investigations and conducting formal hearings for disciplinary or capability matters.

Workshop details

Duration: Single day workshop

Programmes are agreed on a client by client basis.

Details of the subjects covered in this programme include:

Key legal principles, including:

  • The importance of fair procedures including investigations and statutory requirements
  • The rules of natural justice and the ACAS Code
  • Acting reasonably
  • Employee’s right of accompaniment – who is eligible?

Suspension, including:

  • When is it warranted?
  • How to carry out a suspension

Conducting Investigations, including:

  • Conducting investigations and the ACAS Code
  • Who should conduct the investigation?
  • How to prepare for the investigation
  • Obtaining relevant facts
  • Structuring questions to obtain the facts
  • Witness statements / evidence

Investigation Reports:

  • Collating relevant information and presenting the facts
  • Writing and submitting a report

Preparing for a Disciplinary Hearing:

  • Who should conduct the hearing – ensuring impartiality
  • Who is to attend – including identifying witnesses
  • Advance notification to employee
  • Considering the investigation report and other relevant facts
  • Preparing key questions

Conducting a Disciplinary Hearing:

  • The formalities and structure
  • How the hearing should be conducted
  • Obtaining all the relevant information
  • What to do if the employee fails to attend

Making the Decision, including:

  • Considering all the facts and reviewing the procedure
  • Ensuring the punishment fits the crime
  • Considering all elements of mitigation
  • Advising the employee of the decision


  • The purpose of an appeal
  • Conducting an appeal and dealing with emerging issues

If you would like someone to contact you in connection with the above, please get in touch with Anthony Wilcox, Partner in Employment Law.

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