We are experienced in acting for both lenders and borrowers in relation to lending. Our clients include banks, private lenders, as well as corporate and private borrowers.

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Julian Sampson
Partner and Head of Lending

TWM has specialist experience in lending, finance and private equity real estate (PERE).

We provide advisory and transactional services to lenders and borrowers: private and corporate, regulated and unregulated, onshore and offshore, structured debt or private equity, real estate or alternative asset. We also lead conversations on new and emerging markets impacting our finance clients: FinTech, PropTech, blockchain and Robo-advice.

Lending experience and our approach

Our lending work includes mortgage debt, consumer credit, bridging, development and asset lending; our clients including prominent banking institutions, onshore/offshore funds and family offices, alternative lenders (including market leading peer-to-peer and crowdfunding platforms) and private lenders.

We believe in a whole-of-life advice cycle which matches our deep experience in all areas of our clients’ business.  We actively seek out new and re-emerging entrants to the UK market: working with other stakeholders to assist in both full or product launches. With 20 years in the specialist sector, we are perfectly placed to give feedback on market reception and distribution.

Enforcement and recovery

Our lender-oriented support extends not only to advisory and preparation of lending documentation, origination and conclusion of transactional business, but also to enforcement and recovery. Our Dispute Resolution team work closely with us to provide support to lenders, servicers and asset managers bringing in our key technical know-how to avoid regulatory, procedural or legislative pitfalls in working out loans. We welcome working with Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities (RMBS) and Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities (CMBS) funds, including non-performing loans, on the acquisition and work-out of portfolios globally, and count some of the most significant acquirers among our clients and connections.

Structuring funds ready for investment

We regularly work with clients on structuring funds ready for investment and then creating and recommending channels for distribution (in retail) or marketing (private placement).  We will work alongside other professional advisors to draft the principal fund documentation. This includes investment management agreements, advisory and operator agreements, asset management agreements and capital introduction agreements. We have extensive networks of family office wealth, third party marketeers and advisers and our work with market makers gives us the opportunity to understand secondary markets, derivatives and counter party swaps and risk. We take all parties’ needs on to deliver a fuller solution for the client and fund.

Borrower clients

Our borrower clients include individual borrowers, start-ups and multi-national businesses, whom we assist with re-financing, raising capital and advising on structuring or shareholder relationships.  Raising funding for a business is one of the biggest hurdles entrepreneurs and small businesses face and while their idea, product or service may be incredible, their internal procedures and management processes often undermine their borrowing prospects as they appear unattractive to a funder.

In summary, we provide legal and business services to help clients be equity/debt ready.

Principle areas of focus include:

  • Facility and loan agreements;
  • Guarantees;
  • Debentures and share charges;
  • Legal and equitable mortgages;
  • Subordination and priority arrangements;
  • Intercreditor documentation and mezzanine financing;
  • Property and development finance;
  • Acquisition and asset finance;
  • Refinancing;
  • Consumer lending;
  • RMBS and CMBS;
  • Private equity.

Track record and experience

Click here to see highlights of our recent work: Lending Experience

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Julian Sampson, Head of Lending at TWM Solicitors, speaks regularly at multimedia events, offering his insight into the property and mortgage market. Please click the links below to watch the latest recordings featuring Julian Sampson.

5 October 2023

Is Renters Reform one reform too far for the Government and the BTL industry?

Julian Sampson, Head of Lending at TWM shares his thoughts on the Renters Reform Bill and its impact in The Intermediary.
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7 April 2021

An interview with: Julian Sampson

In an interview with Foundation Home Loans, Julian Sampson, Head of Lending at TWM, offers insight into how a limited company can prepare for a purchase, and how this differs from purchasing as an individual.

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30 March 2021

An interview with: Julian Sampson

In an interview with Foundation Home Loans, Julian Sampson, Head of Lending at TWM, discusses the legal side of the specialist mortgage process, and how you can help to get your client into the best possible position for a swift completion.

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15 December 2020

An interview with: Julian Sampson

In an interview with Foundation Home Loans, Julian Sampson, Head of Lending at TWM, chats to Grant Hendry about the SDLT deadline.

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18 November 2020

An interview with: Julian Sampson

In an interview with Impact Specialist Finance, Julian Sampson, Head of Lending at TWM, chats to Dale Jannels about some of the topics currently affecting the lending market.

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28 September 2020

Mortgages for Business:
Limited Company Investment

Limited Company Investment is a recording of the Landlord Event which was run by Mortgages for Business.

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16 September 2020

Solving Legal Issues

Solving Legal Issues is a recording for Intermediaries hosted by Liz Syms of Connect.

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17 June 2020

Mortgages for Business:
Investing in the ‘New Normal’

Investing in the ‘New Normal’ is a recording of the Landlord Event which was run by Mortgages for Business. The event brings together experts from around the property market to discuss how COVID-19 has impacted the property market.

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Recent deals

Dual Lender, Representation and Leases

TWM acted for the term lender, Foundation Home Loans, and Borrower on a reverse separate representation with MT Finance for the regularisation of old converted freehold flats into newly structured leases, with a freehold management company.

Multi Lender Mixed Use Loan

TWM acted for short term lender, Fortys Capital, and term lender, Kent Reliance, with loans to a corporate borrower secured against retail premises and 19 self contained flats.

Private Credit for Development

TWM acted for a private individual entering into a gross £1m formal private credit arrangement with a local developer for the funding of the acquisition tranche of a new site.

Related services

Lending Experience

Take a look at some of our recent lending work highlights to find out more about how we have helped our clients achieve their goals.

Lending Fee Tables

The lending fee tables provide an overview of what to expect for each of our lender clients. Our clients include banks, private lenders, as well as corporate and private borrowers.

Lending Pricing Information

Our fees are structured centrally by the lender and these are, in most cases, available on the lender’s website and via the mortgage intermediary.

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