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Whether you are an employee looking to pursue a claim, or an employer being threatened with proceedings, our Employment Law team can support you and help you advance your case.

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Andrew Peters
Partner in Employment Law

The majority of employment claims are handled by Employment Tribunals. Our Employment Law team at TWM is accustomed to appearing before the Employment Tribunal and conducting advocacy on behalf of clients, not only during the preparation of a case, but also at the main hearing ultimately held to decide the outcome. We also have experience of handling employment claims in the civil courts and conducting proceedings before the Central Arbitration Committee.

Whether you are an employee looking to pursue a claim or an employer being threatened with proceedings, we can support you and help you advance your case even before the proceedings have begun. We draw on our legal knowledge, experience and insight to advise you on your legal position, the various options available to you and the best strategies for achieving your desired outcome.  When choosing a representative, there is no substitute for many years of experience handling employment claims and appearing before Employment Tribunals.

Many employment claims are subject to a process called early conciliation. This involves ACAS being told of the claim and discussions then taking place before proceedings can be commenced in order to see if a resolution can be found. Should you become involved in early conciliation, we can advise and represent you. We guide you through the process and can conduct any negotiations for you in order to help you seek the best outcome possible.

Should the matter not be resolved, our team can continue providing you with support by preparing your claim or defence and then conducting your case. As well as being able to manage the proceedings and advise you on the process every step of the way, we draw on the expertise that the Partners in our team have gained through conducting advocacy in front of Employment Tribunals to build your case in a manner focussed on how it will need to be presented at the ultimate hearing, should matters progress that far. This expertise also means that we are able to conduct Employment Tribunal hearings, where appropriate, in a wide spectrum of claims, including:

  • Unfair and wrongful dismissal;
  • Breach of contract;
  • Discrimination;
  • Harassment;
  • Victimisation;
  • Whistleblowing;
  • Detriment (including trade union detriment);
  • Breach of the Working Time Regulations;
  • Unlawful deduction from wages and bonus claims.

This demonstrates the level of employment law knowledge and technical expertise that our Employment Law team has.

Our team also specialises in preparing and managing proceedings in employment claims brought before the civil courts, especially cases involving post-termination restrictions and breaches of confidentiality. As well as pursuing damages, our team has successfully handled cases where injunctions have been made against former employees.

Some employers may also encounter problems involving trade unions and industrial relations. Again, we can assist you with handling these situations.  We draw on our first-hand knowledge gained through handling recognition requests, collective agreements, collective bargaining and instances of industrial action (threatened and actual) to help you navigate a path towards resolving your own situation.  Although it is rare, should you be involved in a matter that goes before the Central Arbitration Committee, we have a Partner in the Employment Team who has successfully conducted advocacy before the CAC and can bring his skills to your case.

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For more information on our Employment Law and HR advice services, please contact Andrew Peters, Partner in Employment Law.

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